International Investment Summit 2021 begins Today

"The main ambition of the summit is to ingrain new Bangladesh among the investors of the people," said Salman Fazlur Rahman, Prime Minister's Private diligence and Investment Advisor.

The two-day International Investment Summit 2021 begins in the capital on Sunday to ingrain new Bangladesh among the investors of the world.

"The main idea of the peak is to ingrain new Bangladesh among the investors of the world," said Salman Fazlur Rahman.

Prime Minister's Private Assiduity and Investment Advisor while addressing a press conference on Saturday. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will formally inaugurate nearly the curtain of the two-day investment peak hosted by the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). On Sunday at10.00 am at Radisson Blue Water Garden Hotel, Dhaka.
Salman said the new face of Bangladesh's frugality is still unknown to numerous in the world and the investment creation. The programs are helping them to learn about the economy and the investment openings in a wide range of sectors in Bangladesh.

International Investment Summit 2021 begins Today

The counsel said Bangladesh is entering an adding interest of investors from an expanding range of countries considered to be implicit sources of investments." The outgrowth of that should be reflected in the coming times," he added. He mentioned that the investors from Scandinavian countries, for illustration, are expressing their interest in Bangladesh.

BIDA Executive Chairman Md Sirazul Islam said that some actors have formerly been registered to attend International Investment Summit 2021 while at least 465 of them are nonnatives who'll represent their countries or transnational investment enterprises.

He said actors would join the peak both physically or nearly due to the epidemic. A large number of delegates are formerly in Dhaka and further are arriving. Saudi Arabia's Transport and Logistics Minister, Vice Minister of their Ministry of Investments, and a high-position business delegation are joining the peak.

Numerous members of the Turkish investors' community, alongside those from the United States, Europe, and Asian countries would join the program, while ministers from India, China, and Japan would address the followership nearly.
The peak with the tagline"Bangladesh Discover Limitless Openings", will have 14 separate sessions, of which 11 will be devoted to different sectors that include blue frugality, healthcare and medicinals, transport and logistics, capital request, power and energy, the fourth artificial revolution, fiscal services, agribusiness, leather and leather goods, vesture, electrical and electronics manufacturing.
The country's adding investment competitiveness, perfecting business terrain, the openings the 100 special profitable zones are creating would be communicated with the implicit investors alongside the great rise story of the Bangladesh frugality.