Apex’s Maverick Crop up as a Lifestyle Brand

Maverick, as the name suggests, inspires one to be a Maverick and to follow one's own life choices-and do so in terms of the vesture they fashion.

Its parent company, Apex, first launched it as a footwear brand and it has been in the request for the once four to five times. Still, now it unleashes itself as a life brand with a whole new setup.

Its products cover nearly everything you need in your life are available here. All apparels like shirts, t-shirts, pants, films, undergarments, downtime and summer products as well as accessories like bags, belts, holdalls, and so on are available in Maverick.

"So far we've attained enough good feedback. Summer clothing and denim products have received good attention and warm response.

Since downtime has just stepped in, we're looking forward to the response for downtime vesture optimistically, "Jashim Uddin, Assistant Brand Manager of Apex, participated with The Business Standard.

Maverick products are only manly-centric so far. Still, the downtime collection it brought is genderless. The brand aims to introduce womanish apparel three to four times.

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The products are completely home-grown and customized grounded on regular trends and demands. Also, denim manufacturing is exclusive and extraordinary. It makes the brand special and distinguishes it from others in the request.

"Our apparel is available in 80 outlets of Apex each over the country and it covers all sections. We aim to expand it to all 250 outlets within the coming two to three times", Uddin said.

As Apex is unnaturally a footwear company and now it comes up with a total life brand, it puts a redundant emphasis on creation.

It launched a crusade where the sanctioned totem of Maverick was promoted by an aggregate of 101 social media influencers including but not limited to Salman Muqtadir, Keto Bhai, and numerous further popular faces at the same time.

Popular Caffs like Chillox and numerous others publicized the totem from their sanctioned runners as well. A life caravan is in stir now.

What's the Price Range?

A piece of shirt from Maverick can roughly bring you around Tk1,490 to 1790. Round neck t-shirt prices begin from Tk690 while polo t-shirts start from Tk1,290. The prices of the denim products are in the range of Tk1,790 to 2,190. With the tagline "Free to be", Maverick inspires us to express our inner tone. An existent should follow what his heart wants, of course in a positive way. The brand believes in it and therefore offers a vast array of products so that anyone can fluently pick and choose products that reflect his/ her life.