Inauguration of the country's first digital magazine - Daily Naya Shatabdi

The formal activities started with a splendid arrangement. Daily Naya Shatabdi will be available across the country from Sunday tomorrow. Also all news updates will be available online 24 hours a day.

Textile and Jute Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi (Bir Pratik)

Textile and Jute Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi (Bir Pratik), who was the chief guest at the event, said the journalistic community shows the nation the right path. We will get the right news from the new century. So that the country and the nation benefit. At the same time, I wish that Bangladesh wakes up through your news.

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Inauguration of the country's first digital magazine - Daily Naya Shatabdi

Editor Mohammad Naeem Salehin

In his inaugural address, Mohammad Naeem Salehin, editor of the daily Naya Shatabdi, said that there has been a lot of input in the print version of the country's newspapers in recent days. Even then, the new generation is turning away from the magazine. The new century has brought the country's first digital daily newspaper with long research, long efforts and technical assistance to attract the younger generation. You will be able to listen to videos as well as videos and audio through QR codes.

With that you will be able to know all the news. Because it is not possible to give all the news in 12 page newspaper. New Century is a magazine that will have a direct digital connection with the web. At the same time we have a digital corner where you can scan every segment and go directly to the website. In case of advertisement, you can easily advertise at low cost through QR code.

Publisher Mohammad Waliur Rahman

Publisher Mohammad Waliur Rahman said, "We have shown a lot of courage at a time when many newspapers in the country are closing down due to the Corona situation because we love newspapers." We want to reveal the truth, as well as contain the truth. We want every person in Bangladesh to say that it is a good magazine.

Statement of Deputy Editor Zia Ahmed

Deputy Editor Zia Ahmed said, "Naya Shatabdi is not a magazine, we want to present it in different departments, different functions, socially and politically in different contexts." At the same time, I want to make everyone aware through the new century. Through which various inconsistencies and politics of the society will be highlighted.