Huawei Bangladesh gets Pioneer 5G Partner Award

Tao Guangyao, principal operating officer of Huawei Bangladesh joined the award from the minister of PTD at the first-ever 5G launch event in Bangladesh on December 12, reads a press release. The program named ‘New Period with 5G’ was organized at Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden where Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy officially launched 5G.

Who participated in the occasion?

Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Division Mustafa Jabbar; Posts and Telecommunications Division Secretary Md Khalilur Rahman; BTRC Chairman Shyam Sunder Sikder; Md Shahab Uddin; Managing Director of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited; Yasir Azman CEO of Grameephone Limited; Erik Aas CEO of Banglalink Digital Dispatches Ltd, participated the occasion with their presence.

Huawei Bangladesh gets Pioneer 5G Partner Award

Simon Lin, chairman of the Asia Pacific region of Huawei; Zhang Zhengjun, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, took part nearly and delivered a congratulatory communication to Bangladesh and all engaged in the 5G launching on this occasion.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also participated in her inspiring commentary through videotape communication. Originally, the 5G network will be stationed in six spots located around the Bangladesh Secretariat, the National Parliament area, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, the National Monument in Savar, and the tomb of the Father of the Nation in Tungipara, Gopalganj.

Infrastructural support handed by Huawei

The maturity of the below-mentioned areas will use the infrastructural support handed by Huawei. ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy said “ The important to realizing Digital Bangladesh is connectivity. In the period of connectivity, now everything is going digital. However, we will lag before, If we don't ameliorate our network. I would like to thank Huawei for its donation in enforcing the 5G service. Although 5G has been launched in veritably many places, gradationally, it'll be available countrywide. We believe that we will be suitable to keep pace with the advanced world, and Digital Bangladesh will continue to move forward. Our dream is to make Bangladesh an advanced nation.”

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, heritage tourism attracted adding. attention from academics and itineraries, with a growing body of specific. literature is devoted to the content (Balcar & Pearce, 1996 203). The conception of heritage has been defined in a number of ways. At the macro level, it's important to note that race and social structure influence the meaning of heritage (Light & Prentice, 1994), and maybe . Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Division Mustafa Jabbar said “ This is a famous day for Bangladesh. From only 8 lakh internet druggies and 4 crore people with mobile connections in 2008, we've been suitable to bring in drastic changes within 13 times. Also thanks to our long term eco mate Huawei, their nonstop trouble and advanced technology to accelerate Digital Bangladesh.” He added, “ About the issues regarding the network quality in our country-with our different network drivers together, I can assure that we consider similar issues with significance and we're taking enterprise for these. 5G isn't just another technology like 2G and 3G, and we can not face the fourth artificial revolution without embracing 5G. 2G and 3G are suitable to satisfy our day-to-day requirements, whereas 5G can go much beyond that. It can expand the midairs for diligence, businesses, husbandry, healthcare, and much further.”

BTRC Chairman Shyam Sunder Sikder participated “ The BTRC help have worked lifelessly since the morning of the development of Digital Bangladesh. In 2018, we guided a test of 5G at the Sonargaon Hotel. I’d express my gratefulness to Huawei for remaining side by side, from also to moment, to the launch of 5G. We hope that other drivers will also launch 5G in Bangladesh coming time, besides Teletalk. We've formerly taken medications to allocate a new diapason for them. I hope they will enter 5G after the transaction coming March. I would like to thank and admire all who were involved in the work of inaugurating 5G.” defined as anything that reflects a miscellaneous nostalgia for the history as imagined or submitted (Light & Prentice, 1994 27). According to Collins (1990 69),‘ heritage is an accumulation of diurnal details and large traditions, social, ethical and religious erected from time and memory’.

Keystone Simon Lin, chairman of the Asia Pacific region of Huawei

Simon Lin, chairman of the Asia Pacific region of Huawei, said “ Huawei has been playing an essential part in planting 5G technology around the world. Huawei has been furnishing infrastructural support to numerous countries throughout the world for rolling out advanced 5G technology. Bangladesh, I believe, will also get benefit from our state-of-the-art technology for expediting the relinquishment of 5G technology.” “ For further than the last 22 times, Huawei has been playing an important part as one of the family members of the ICT ecosystem in Bangladesh. We've always been there to support our client’s requirements with a crucial vision of erecting a completely connected, intelligent Bangladesh. Huawei Bangladesh is extremely proud to be a part and mate of this major moment when Bangladesh is going to enter the 5G period,” said Zhang Zhengjun, CEO of Huawei Bangladesh.

He added “ We believe 5G will change society with diversified operations for individualities, homes, and diligence. And Huawei will always be there to oil Bangladesh with its innovative technology because we're in Bangladesh, for Bangladesh.” At the event, a temporary 5G point was launched, and the cult endured AR/ VR services, learned about innovative 5G use cases, educated 969 Mbps speed and 4 10 ms quiescence first hand.