is closing! But why is closing. This popular website analysis service will be discontinued from May 1, 2022. This information has been informed in a message from the organization recently. is owned by Basically, Alexa is used by everyone to view the rankings and information of the website. Alexa shows which website gets the most visits. Based on visitors and search results, Alexa shows how many websites are in the position. The ranking of the site is seen worldwide and by country.

The site was launched 25 years ago in 1996. The owner of this site is Bruce Gelat, a well-known cyber spaceman. Later, Amazon bought Alexa. is closing! But why

According to Alexa, the 25-year-old company will close on May 1. Amazon has made this difficult decision as part of its strategic business plan, after two decades of providing better customer service. Thanks to everyone for putting their trust in Alexa in content research, competitive analysis.

Notable website owner, hosting country, etc. In addition to the information about the website traffic, Alexa gives an idea. It also shows the ranking of a website among the world's websites. Alexa is widely used in SEO. According to web experts, if a site is not in the top 100,000 in the Alexa rankings, then the report shows it is actually incorrect. Although the Alexa ranking is world-renowned, only those who use the Alexa toolbar visit Alexa Count, so Alexa data is not 100% neutral.