This time Shakib is the owner of the bank

Although he started with cricket, the great son of Bangladesh cricket did not limit his life to cricket only. Shakib Al Hasan has been in the corporate world for a long time. This time he is also joining the banking sector. The Tiger all-rounder and his mother Shirin Akhter have recently applied for the post of director of People's Bank.

Interview of MA Kashem

MA Kashem, the chief entrepreneur of People's Bank, said in an interview to a national newspaper that Shakib Al Hasan and his mother are being added to the ownership of People's Bank. In the meantime, we have submitted their file to Bangladesh Bank. It is an honor for us to have a star like Shakib as an entrepreneur. Right now we don't want to say anything in detail about this. We have been able to raise the required capital for the People's Bank license. Hopefully, we will get the final license from Bangladesh Bank by December.

Recently, Bangladesh Bank has directed to increase the capital of each bank to Tk. 500 crore. Anyone wishing to take a seat on the bank's board of directors as an entrepreneur must own at least two percent of the shares.

This time Shakib is the owner of the bank

Bank Ownership of Shakib Al Hasan

In this case, Shakib Al Hasan will have to provide a minimum capital of Tk 10 crore for each post of director of People's Bank. According to the relevant sources, Shakib Al Hasan is providing more than Tk 25 crore to get the ownership of the bank.

Shakib Al Hasan got involved in the restaurant business. After that, he did not stop in this sector. He has invested in various businesses including gold import and marketing, stock market, power plant, cosmetics, travel agency, hotel, event management, crab, and lunch farm. Shakib Al Hasan has huge investments not only in the country but also abroad.

Besides, Shakib Al Hasan is a popular name in the country's stock market. He is working as a goodwill ambassador for the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), the regulator of the capital market. Shakib Al Hasan has approved a brokerage house in May this year.

Recently, Shakib has also entered the business of gold ornaments. He has obtained a license from Burak Commodities Exchange Co. for the legal import and sale of gold bars and gold ornaments in the country. Above all, besides being a cricketer, the star cricketer has become a complete businessman.