The Quality that Bezos Saw in Hiring Staff on Amazon

Jeff Bezos has stepped down as chief executive officer (CEO) of e-commerce giant Amazon this year. However, he is still the chairman of the company. He is now focusing more on the spacecraft business. However, Bezos' advice on hiring staff while he was CEO was like magic. Bezos emphasizes that the most important thing in hiring new employees is intellectual humility.

Bezos observes that intelligent people constantly reconsider their understanding. Even if they solve the problem, they repeatedly reconsider the solution. They take up the challenge again and again with new perspectives, new information, new ideas, conflicts and their own thinking.

Research has also shown that this quality of the employee is very important. In order to reach the highest position in any work, one must have the desire to learn and improve and accept that the answer to everything will not be known to everyone. Bezos prefers to hire people who have tried, failed, and learned from their mistakes. It shows how much a person can strive for success.

In a recent study, Mark Leary, a professor of psychology at Duke University in the United States, found that intellectual humility gives people a powerful advantage in reaching their goals. It helps him move forward all the time. This information was given in a report of Inc Dot com.

The Quality that Bezos Saw in Hiring Staff on Amazon

As Mark Leary has shown in his research, Jeff Bezos is absolutely right. Intellectual humility may not be the most talked-about feature, but it is an essential precursor to excellence in almost any field. "Intellectual humility is justified in the sense that we are not right in most disputes," he said. I am often unreasonably overconfident, which is not true

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