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Influencer based mega-event is starting for the first time in the country

The Marvel-Be U, a research-based influencer management platform, is the organizer of this mega-event. The main purpose of the event is to give recognition and respect to the social media influence's of the country who have been playing a positive role in the society through their work for the last two years.

Prizes will be distributed in 15 categories at the event in the presence of guests involved in the creative industry. With the ‘The Marvel of Tomorrow’ platform, influencers will be able to highlight some of the changes that have been made in their respective industries and beyond. This is the first time such an initiative has been taken in the country.

Influencer based mega-event is starting for the first time in the country

Daraj's Chief Marketing Officer Tajdin Hasan said, "Influencers have played a role in most of Daraj's marketing strategies. And now ‘The Marvel of Tomorrow’ has given us the opportunity to show due respect to the best influencers of the last two years. I am very happy to be a part of this event. "

ANM Ziaul Islam, CEO of Canter Research, said, "At Canter, we work on data and prioritize quality over quantity. We are delighted that Cantor has been able to verify all the information required for this event. "

Commenting on the event, Britney Sabrin, CEO of The Marvel-BeU Every excellence is accomplished through a process. So we will host this program and organize many more programs in the future with education from here. For the time being, I am very happy to be a part of such a meaningful thing. "

Daraz is the title sponsor of The Marvel of Tomorrow Influencers Award 2021. Brand Practitioners Bangladesh is the stratigic partner of this program.