Digital Marketing: A story of a terrible marketer

A few days ago I met an older brother very close. While discussing various issues, I came to know that he has started a new business a few days ago.

Since the current digital age big brother has also opened a page for his business on Facebook. And with the help of having a dual currency card, he was running the paid advertising on his own page. I came to know through various words that he has already spent a lot of money on Facebook advertising. At the beginning of the page, he somehow realized that the more likes on the page, the more likely he is to sell his product.

Since he has his own dual currency card, he is not late. With the mission of bringing likes. In the excitement of increasing sales, he came to the page with over 50,000 likes. I asked him what audience he had set up while running the ad. I was shocked to hear his answer. He has liked the page without selecting any audience.

Now the situation is that the number of those who do not fall into the real audience of the product is more. At the end of the day the result is zero.

Digital Marketing A story of a terrible marketer

Where the mistake he done

Again, when the post is promoting, it is getting rich but no response is coming. I was shocked to hear his words.

There has been a mistake somewhere in the objective selection of the Facebook campaign. Having a laptop with me, I wanted to see his running campaigns. That's what I thought. He needs a cell, but he chooses the "rich" objective. I asked him what was the reason behind choosing Rich Objective? I could not understand whether I would laugh or cry when I heard the logic he told me. The more rich his ad is, the more likely he is to sell his product. At the end of the day, the result is zero. My eldest brother went on a mission to grow his business without any idea of social media marketing. Digital marketing is not an easy task. I saw start and won. If it was so easy, everyone would become a digital marketer today.

One thing we should always keep in mind is that "little knowledge is always terrible", never good.