Marketing Employee Problem in Bangladesh

One of the major problems in the marketing sector at present is the lack of qualified candidates. Corporate houses also often express frustration in various media, some of them catch foreigners without finding a way. But the thing is that the text that is taught in business schools outside the country, the same text is taught in almost all business schools in our country. But where is the problem? Why companies are not getting skilled candidates in marketing?

Actual Scenario of marketing Education Course

Marketing is a completely applied subject. Which is quite a blend of Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Anthropology. As a result, these subjects are taught along with business / marketing courses outside the country or in business schools of our country. If everything is fine, then why is this happening!

Marketing Employee Problem in Bangladesh

One of the things we often say in our daily life is, "If the input is not good then how can the output be good!" This is exactly what is happening in most of the business schools in our country. Undergraduate level students take 45/50 courses on average in four years. A large part of which students do not understand. In most cases, the teachers give lectures by showing many short slides per course in the class, and the students memorize them and drop them in the examination book and are relieved of their responsibilities. But there is a big gap in why they were taught that course, how to apply those theories in real life. Yet I do not understand, our respected teachers do it intentionally or they do not know the things! If we talk about lighting material in the field of electronics in our country, then evolution is a lot; Hurricane - Electric Bulb - Tube Light - CFL / Energy Saving Lamp - LED Lamp With each step of the evolution of lighting, the social condition of our country has changed, the economic condition of the people has changed, at the same time the spending mentality of the people has changed.As a result, where a marginal person used to buy a bulb for 20 rupees, now a marginal person buys an LED lamp for 200 rupees. It is a very basic level social evolution learning with a beautiful harmony of sociology, economy, psychology at the same time. Sad but true, in most of our business schools students memorize slides / theories, but these things are not taught by hand.

Students unwillingness to study

Another important issue is the interest of students in learning. Each student is given a syllabus at the time of admission to the university or at the beginning of the semester. The question is, after understanding the entire course, how many students pay close attention to the course outline? A student in this country cannot do MS Excel work properly after studying BBA for four years, even though they have a compulsory Excel course; They do not have a minimum focus on skill enhancement, but want to do a six digit salary job; He wants to be a marketing expert but he knows how many times he visits the websites of corporate houses in four years or not at all!

Result of only theoretical knowledge

As a result, students learn Philip Cutler's marketing definitions but remain weak in the realm of real life marketing pattern / puzzle comprehension and applied skills and have a direct impact on their careers. At the same time, the corporate houses also suffer from mistrust with the candidates.