How we can grow our business skills in the next ten days.

How are you all business practitioners? I know everyone is going through a lot of panic. We all know SWOT Analysis well. With this analysis, shape your weakness into your strength. Since we have just got a ten-day leave, why aren't we turning our weaknesses into strengths?

Let's find out what we can do in these ten days ..

# Covid19 Training: At the beginning, anyone can do this short training conducted by WHO thinking about their own safety or family safety.…/novel-corona…/training/online-training

# Fundamental of Digital Marketing on Google Digital Garage: For those who are interested in digital marketing and want to become a Google Certified Digital Marketer, the story would have been covered by this course from Google You can try ..…/cou…/digital-marketing

# Free Lesson: This site has been created by the joint efforts of Bangladesh ICT Ministry, ai2 and 10 Minute School. From here you can learn all the topics like Google Analytics, Public Speaking, Email Etiquette, Project Management, Corporate Grooming, Communication Skill, Start Up. Oh yes I forgot to say here but at the end of the course a short exam is also taken and in return a verified certificate is given. But get started ..…

And if you want, you can put yourself ahead of many others by reading some self-development books. I gave the link of some good books. Come back ..…/1tN9-84NQHL8G5fJZxFbeoX_Uos_Q8DE…

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