CSR and humanities at the time of Corona

It is a sin to lose faith in people! No matter how hard the time, people just jump in and win. Last weekend, in this group chat, I saw the same question, the same anger - why companies are not coming forward? Why not start working to help people? I said - "In this unprecedented situation, every company is at least a little shocked.

Then in the first phase, all that is being done is to ensure the safety of their respective workers, as well as to fix the practical issues of how to operate in this difficult situation. Everyone will come forward to help when the first push is over. I have to come. ”

CSR and humanities at the time of Corona

Contribution of the various companies:

I see in a few days it has started. One by one the institutions are coming forward. Unilever, GSK, Walton, Pran, BRAC, Dabur, Send, Dream, UniMart, Daily Star, Prothom Alo, Samakal, Kaler Kantho, IPDC, Ada, JCI……… I still don't know how many more such organizations! From Arla we are also joining one initiative after another.

For the past three days, Arla's entire marketing team has been working all day from home on how to get involved in any initiative - finding the right person to talk to, finding a way, fund management, product management, ensuring delivery, fund transfer, etc. The various details.

From Arla, we are working on three main issues - ensuring food for the poor in Corona, disinfecting and providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical professionals. Gradually, one platform after another is being built.

Mission Save Bangladesh, Vidyananda, Mastul Foundation, People for People, Its Humanity Foundation……… How many more names like this! Calls are coming to my mobile all day long, Facebook-Linkedin and email inboxes are filling up with countless individuals and organizations! Everyone wants to do something! Someone is asking for help, someone is sharing an idea, someone is looking for contact.

Even those who work with different services are coming forward with their services. What a wonderful time! Where is the leisure to be a board at home! I know this initiative will continue to grow. Those who have not yet been able to join for various reasons, will also jump up and down as much as they can - I'm sure.

Let's end with a short story from yesterday. Arla sent a truckload of milk to Vidyananda yesterday. One of the few companies as our outbound logistics partner is 'Need Truck'. When they heard that the truck would go, Vidyananda himself asked if there was a donation. I said yes. They said, "I don't need a truck fare, I'll give you free transportation!"

Humanity till exists:

This is the real form of human beings. And this extraordinary form of man comes out only in the moment of extreme crisis. That's when people show why he is called 'Ashraful Makhlukat' or 'the best creature of creation'. If there are such people in the world, can the epidemic win? He lost a long time ago!

Written by Galib Bin Mohammad, Head of Marketing, Arla Foods Bangladesh