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An advertisement in the printed language in such simple language

Like many of me, one of the special purposes of reading magazines regularly is to see the advertisements, especially the language of the advertisements. However, it can be said that the style of speaking of many has now been memorized. Monotonous word choices, flashy phrases, trying to hide what I know by making the reader a little less understanding, often pretending to be bigger than he is - are now commonplace in print advertising. I am not saying that the advertisers do this on purpose, they may not be aware of the fact that their choice of words is a sign of how they know it in their work.

An advertisement in the printed language in such simple language

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. The first line will make it easier for them to reach many people in the country. The use of the word company in the second line is also clever, although the word institution in Bengali or the word brand in English is an alternative here, the word company is equally easily accepted by all. In the third line, they have to choose the word food and beverage industry to retain their 'identity', but in the fifth line, the word 'industry' has made up for the previous deficit. The copywriter has done a fascinating job in describing the incident. Akij is the country's biggest brand in the sector - they have not only talked about selling more for this claim, they have also explained to the people about their highest honesty and transparency by saying that they have paid the highest taxes. I am really impressed with the great choice of words to say that they respect the consumers of 'Bangladesh and 44 other countries that they are carrying products all over the world. It is simple, beautiful, transparent, clear work. Most importantly, a sense of moderation was found in this work, which we may all feel is lacking now. Let there be more work like that.

Author: Tahsin Mahmud