Business profile of Brand Practitioners Bangladesh

Brand Practitioners Bangladesh is one of the prominent organizations of the country that works for the betterment of the branding and for the branding society of the

country by conducting various brand-related events and affairs. The organization fundamentally encompasses branding professionals, branding discussions, 

brand-related topics, issues, theories, promotions, media, research, jobs, and many more resources altogether for a better future of branding across the nation. Brand

Practitioners Bangladesh started its journey back in 2014 just as a branding community; later on, it grew and it became an independent organization facilitating

the branding culture of Bangladesh via many important events and affairs. The vision of Brand Practitioners Bangladesh is to contribute to making a better branding

future of the country by conducting its wide array of activities. The organization has an interactive community encompassing 70k members in Facebook and

LinkedIn where branding professionals and future leaders of the country discuss branding issues altogether. Brand Practitioners Bangladesh is continuously trying to

arrange webinars, seminars, skill development workshops, competitions, debate fest, and professional meet and greet discussions to facilitate people who are

interested and are already working in this background.